Discovering the Difference Between Concrete and Asphalt

parking lots

Parking lots are ubiquitous in our society. From big cities to the suburbs, wherever commercial businesses, municipal, or federal entities exist, there will also be a parking lot. Some lots are made from concrete, some are made from asphalt, and there are differences between the two. At Preferred Paving, we know the pros and cons of using either material for your parking lot needs.


Asphalt is the traditional choice for parking lot material, and a high percentage of parking lots are made using asphalt. It can raise your property value with its handsome look and can last, with maintenance, for up to 30 years. Proper maintenance includes cleaning and sweeping, filling in cracks and potholes, and sealcoating to protect against the elements. Porous asphalt is a green alternative that costs less and is better for the environment and your resale value.

Asphalt is installed very quickly, so the business doesn’t suffer much from a lack of parking. It is also a noise-deadening substance, reducing traffic noise by up to 50%. Asphalt is also a safe substance to drive on because tires can grip the surface. Open-graded asphalt has channels by which water can flow, thus reducing puddles and the potential for skidding.


Using concrete for a parking lot is more expensive to install, but the savings will come from less maintenance and lower utility bills. Because of its light complexion, concrete reflects more light than asphalt, creating a brighter surface that doesn’t need the kind of intense lighting that an asphalt lot might need to keep people feeling safe.

Concrete is better for the environment, too. It is a more chemical-free option than asphalt, with fewer oils and chemicals seeping out in the heat. Because it reflects heat, the lot will not have the ‘open-oven’ effect that asphalt lots can get.

Reach out to us at Preferred Paving, and we’ll provide you with the best solutions to your asphalt needs with quality workmanship in a professional manner.

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