Don’t Accept Puddles in Your Parking Lot

An inexperienced property manager might see pooling water in a parking lot and shrug it off as an acceptable inconvenience. In reality, puddles are a sign of something amiss in your parking lot, and they could represent a flaw in the installation process or signal an accelerated wear and tear process.

When it comes to forming puddles, two things are certain. First, visitors will notice and either complain or keep their dissatisfaction to themselves. Second, leaving the pavement alone will lead to a deteriorating parking lot. At Preferred Paving, we will determine the reason for standing water and take the appropriate measures to fix the problem.

Common Causes of Puddles in a Parking Lot

A well-maintained parking lot should not hold noticeable amounts of water. The presence of water on your property’s pavement could come about from a multitude of factors, including:

  • Poor water drainage
  • Asphalt compaction
  • Damage to the sub-base
  • Pavement rutting caused by indentations along the wheel paths of cars
  • Grade depressions from settling lower than the surrounding pavement

In some cases, poor asphalt installation is the culprit for asphalt damage. For example, a company might use a roller that is too small to sufficiently compact the pavement. In other cases, normal wear and tear of the lot will cause depressions in the ground leading to pooling.

Practical Solutions for Damaged Parking Lots

At Preferred Paving, we can inspect your parking lot and suggest professional repairs tailored to each problem. In the instance of too many puddles, adding a layer of sealcoat will create a protective layer that will prevent cracks from developing. There is also the choice of remove and replace, which removes the existing asphalt, works on subgrade compaction and soil stabilization and then replaces it with new asphalt.

Overlays that involve resurfacing and grinding can also be effective. In some cases, a repave will be your most cost-effective option. Contact us today to learn more about our paving services in California.

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