Soil Stabilization Services and Why Are They Vital for Paving

soil stabilization services

Paving is a big investment. To make it worth your while, you need to know everything that goes into it – from the soil to the installation and maintenance.

Soil stabilization is the process of adding material to the soil so that it won’t wash away or become unstable over time. A good layer of soil stabilization in your project will create a more durable and safer surface for you.

Do you want to learn about the benefits of using soil stabilization services for paving and asphalt? We’ve put together a quick and handy guide. Read on to learn more!

What is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization is a process that strengthens the soil to reduce erosion and improve the stability of slopes. The goal is to turn weak soil into a strong base for construction projects.

This prevents the soil from collapsing, sliding, or shifting. If you’ve ever driven on asphalt with lots of cracks and potholes, you’ve experienced what a lack of soil stability can do.

Soil stabilization is a common part of any construction project. It is cheaper, easier, and more effective than importing new topsoil to a construction site.

Different Types of Soil Stabilization Services

There are many soil stabilization methods, but they can be split into two main categories. The first type is chemical stabilization, and the second is physical stabilization.

Chemical stabilization adds chemicals that harden the soil and make it more stable. This is a very common option for stabilizing soil in construction projects. Common chemical treatments include lime, cement, or sodium chloride.

Physical stabilization involves using force to compact the soil. This can include rollers, pounders, and other heavy machines.

Newer materials, such as mesh fabrics and plastic cells, are also becoming more common for soil stabilization. These are referred to as geotextiles and geocells.

A soil test is important to do before treating your soil. This will determine your soil’s chemical and physical makeup. Professional soil stabilization services can do these tests for you. They will also tell you what treatment will work best.

Why Is Soil Stabilization Important?

The soil stabilization process is one of the most important steps in the construction process, and it has to be done properly.

Stabilizing the soil is important because it ensures that the foundation of a building or paving is stable. This prevents any damage or cracks from appearing, as well as prevents potholes from collapsing soil.

Some soils are unable to hold the weight of construction projects. Others, such as clays, can expand when wet and also cause issues with foundations or raising paving.

It also helps prevent erosion, which can cause major problems for paving, as well as any other structures and infrastructure that are located in an area with unstable ground.

Soil Stabilization Services Near Me

If you want your paving projects to live a long life and have the highest safety standards, you need soil stabilization services. A professional soil stabilization company can provide all of the expertise your project needs.

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