The 5-Step Guide to Managing Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Services

The 5-Step Guide to Managing Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Services

Without proper management, a commercial asphalt and concrete repair project cannot be successful. Commercial property managers have to make sure that the project stays within budget and is finished on time. Property managers can manage commercial asphalt and concrete services in the following steps.

1. Locating a Trustworthy Contractor

Finding an experienced and reliable contractor like Preferred Paving is the first step in developing a cost-effective strategy for the pavement maintenance of a commercial property. The property manager must locate an asphalt paving business with an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau, outstanding references, and a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

2. Scheduling a Professional Inspection with the Chosen Contractor

Following the selection of a contractor, the next step will be to arrange a complete, professional inspection. Since it is easier and more cost-effective to address small issues before they have a chance to become significant repairs. During the inspection, it is the property manager’s job to follow the contractor as he checks the pavement. This way, if there are any problems or questions, they can be dealt with right away.

3. Discussing the Budget

The third stage involves communicating with the contractor about the established budget. Commercial property managers should set aside money in the budgets for an asphalt overlay. An overlay can give the property a pavement that looks and lasts almost as long as a brand-new pavement, but at a much lower cost.

4. Automating the Project’s Program

After figuring out how much the project is going to cost and long it will take to finish, the property manager can ask the contractor to automate the program. This takes the pressure off property managers to remember to schedule the repair.

5. Managing the Execution of Asphalt and Concrete Services

The last step of managing commercial asphalt and concrete services involves overseeing the execution of crack repairs, pothole repairs, and seal coating applications.

Crack Repairs: Commercial property managers must guarantee that the contractor corrects all cracks. They must also plan crack repairs in the spring to fix any winter weather-related damage.

Fixing potholes: Next is to ensure that the contractor fixes all the potholes on the property.

Seal coating: And then make sure that the contractor put seal coating on. The frequency of pavement sealing depends on characteristics particular to the property’s pavement.

Where to Find Trustworthy Commercial Asphalt and Paving Services?

Preferred Paving is an asphalt and concrete services provider that assists commercial property managers by taking on the responsibilities of an asphalt and concrete project manager. The team of specialists at Preferred Paving ensures the prompt delivery of materials and equipment from partner suppliers and keeps clients informed of the development. Commercial property owners or managers seeking a trustworthy asphalt and concrete service contractor can visit Preferred Paving.

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