The Benefits of Sealcoating Your Asphalt


As a business owner or property manager, it’s essential to keep up with preventative maintenance measures throughout your property. This includes your parking lot. Having a newly sealed parking lot becomes instantly recognizable and allows you to stand out from your competitors. Additionally, traffic markings contrast against the dark black color making it easier for visitors to navigate through the grounds. This relatively inexpensive treatment makes your asphalt look as good as it did on the day your parking lot was first installed. While sealcoating restores the appearance of your parking lot, it also provides various other benefits. Here are a few benefits property managers should take advantage of sealcoating their parking lots regularly.

Solid Protection for Asphalt Surfaces

Your parking lot takes a lot of abuse. In the Los Angeles area, sun and heat are major culprits. Harsh UV rays penetrate the asphalt and slowly deteriorate the lot. In addition to protection from the sun, sealcoating guards against damage from many corrosive agents, such as:

  • Oil
  • Chemical spills
  • Rain
  • Oxidation
  • Moisture penetration

Sealcoating acts as a barrier over the top layer of the asphalt, preventing other problems such as potholes and cracks from occurring in the foundation. Asphalt parking lots should be sealed 6 to 12 months after being first installed then every 12-24 months depending on wear and tear. Ensuring that you have a consistent maintenance schedule will help keep your parking lot looking pristine.

A Smart Investment for Your Company 

Having a preventative maintenance plan for your parking lot will not only keep it looking fresh but can also reduce any long-term repair costs. It is also the most cost-effective way to prolong the lifespan of your parking lot. Sealcoating requires less specialized equipment and can be applied via spray or with a squeegee, which will ultimately cost you less money than other repair methods. Without professional sealcoating, you face more frequent upkeeps and will likely have to repave the parking lot sooner than expected. All of this makes sealcoating one of the best ways to spend your money.

To get your asphalt in pristine shape, contact our experts at Preferred Paving for a free estimate. We are a full-service asphalt and paving company in the California area.

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