The Environmental Benefits of Responsible Concrete and Asphalt Removal

concrete removal

The construction industry has a huge impact on the environment. Some studies show that construction is responsible for up to 50% of climate change. Not only does construction pollute the air and water, but concrete removal is also responsible for filling landfills and causing noise pollution.

As we become more aware of the impacts of construction, however, the path toward a more sustainable future becomes clear. One of the most important changes construction companies can make is with construction waste.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the environmental benefits of responsible concrete removal in construction. If you want to improve your construction practices, keep reading and let us help you understand the benefits.

Recycled Concrete

Recycling concrete is an important aspect of moving toward a more sustainable construction industry. Concrete can be a sustainable material since it can be broken down and used again.

You’ll find recycled concrete in a variety of aggregates. These can be used for building, filling holes, or making roads.

Conserving Landfill Space

By choosing responsible concrete removal, you’ll be taking up less room in local landfills. Construction and demolition waste make up a huge percentage of the landfills. Less construction waste conserves landfill space.

When landfills are over-filled with waste, the need for more landfills arises. Proper concrete removal and recycling can prevent this from happening. Fewer landfills mean less air and land pollution.

Saves You Time

On a practical level, hiring concrete removal services saves you time. You won’t have to worry about sorting and removing the materials yourself, which can take up valuable time and resources.

Instead, you schedule the concrete removal at your convenience. We’ll show up and dispose of it for you. Once we have it, we deal with it in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Safer for Your Team

The safe removal of construction materials after a demolition protects your employees. When materials are sitting around your construction site, there are a lot of risks.

First, employees are more likely to experience injury with construction waste lying around. In addition, the fumes from concrete and demolition waste can lead to respiratory issues. If you want to protect your workplace, responsible concrete removal is imperative.

Hiring Concrete Removal Services in Orange County

Now that you know the benefits of responsible concrete removal, it’s time to tell you how to get it in Orange County. At Preferred Paving, we’ve been helping Southern California construction sites with their asphalt and concrete needs since 1986.

If you need safe, responsible concrete removal, don’t hesitate to contact us today. With our help, you can create a healthier construction site for your workers and the local environment.

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