V Gutters Provide Excellent Pavement Drainage for Commercial Sites

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Professionally installed V gutters not only reduce the need for constant pavement maintenance but can prevent expensive, premature damage to the pavement. In addition, V gutters also minimize the risk of unsafe driving conditions for customers due to ponding and hydroplaning. When commercial parking lots, sidewalks, and other paved areas experience frequent ponding, this long-term saturation will weaken bases and subgrades. Ultimately, poorly drained pavement will begin eroding, cracking, and develop irreversible impairment. Without V gutters ensuring water flow is directed outside paved locations, commercial property and facility managers could be facing unnecessary costly repairs or pavement replacements.

How Preferred Paving Can Help Your Pavement Drainage Problems

Computing the flow of water for individual lots and pathways often involves gutter flow calculations. Our technicians may perform an in-depth examination of the water flow rate according to rainfall intensity, width of water flow, pavement slope, and other factors prior to installing V gutters.

The primary advantage of concrete or asphalt V gutters is proper water drainage to reduce the amount of standing water. Other benefits include:

  • Directs water runoff and flow from parking lot edges and nearby lanes or streets
  • Supports pavement integrity by creating a solid boundary between traffic and walking pathways
  • Significantly improves the exterior aesthetics of commercial buildings and facilities
  • Helps reduce the possibility of flooding or rapid buildup of organic debris
  • Protects the property by helping avert stormwater accumulation

Customers do not want to drive onto a commercial parking lot during or after heavy rain and deal with water ponding that could cause their car to stall or hydroplane. It doesn’t take much water for a water wedge to emerge between the pavement and the front of the tires to create vehicular hydroplaning. Moreover, having to walk around large areas of standing water or take a longer route to the entrance because standing water is higher than the soles of their shoes is not something that keeps customers returning.

The Four Stages of Standing Water Damage to Pavement

Internal deterioration: Asphalt binders start losing their ability to repel water molecules. This allows more water to penetrate into deeper layers of the pavement

Cracks: Initially, nearly invisible cracks develop near or on the surface as internal deterioration worsens and spreads. Types of cracks include alligatoring, shrinkage, and edge cracks

Accelerated Rate of Distortion: Improperly installed V gutters will cause premature degradation of asphalt and/or underlying base. Types of distortions include shoving and corrugations, ruts/channels, and grade depressions.

Complete Disintegration: At this stage, the pavement will likely need to be replaced. Potholes, loose chunks of pavement, and large cracks are signs of permanent disintegration.

Don’t let your commercial property or facility’s pavement get to the final stage of water damage. Call Preferred Paving today the #1 paving company in Anaheim, California for immediate assistance with all your V gutter and pavement drainage needs.

How Preferred Paving Safeguards Your Pavement

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond asphalt V gutters. At Preferred Paving, we specialize in ensuring your commercial property’s pavement remains in optimal condition. Contact us today.

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